UE 'Functional Genomics '

25 hours / 3 ECTS in 2020

This teaching unit aims to highlight recent advances in functional genomics, including big Data in Biology.

The speakers, specialists in this field of research, will present the most recent scientific data relating to comparative genomics, metagenomics, (meta)transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, the analysis of interactomes and applications in medicine.


Another objective of this teaching unit is to connect scientific questions asked and the best method(s) to use to reach the goals. Round tables, between students and researchers, will be organized to discuss the impact of the knowledge acquired through global approaches on new emerging concepts related to the gene and to pervasive transcription.


Students will also present their own review of a theme they will choose during a one-day mini-symposium.

Managers of the 'functional genomicsc' teaching unit

  • Fabrice Confalonierir(Paris-Saclay)

  • Stéphanie Bury-Moné (Paris-Saclay)

The speakers of 2019

  • Philippe Bouloc (DR CNRS, I2BC)

  • Corinne Cassier-Chauvat  (DR CNRS, I2BC)

  • Céline Fairhead (PU UPSUD, IIDEEV)

  • Carmela Giglione-Meinnel (DR CNRS, I2BC)

  • Emmanuelle Le Chatelier (CR INRA)

  • Anne Lopes (MCU UPSUD, I2BC)

  • Olivier Namy (DR CNRS, I2BC)

  • Marina Pinskaya (MCU UPMC, Institut Curie)

  • Agnès Rotig (DR INSERM)

  • Claude Thermes (DR CNRS, Plateforme de séquençage I2BC)

  • Alessia Zamborlini (PU UPSUD, I2BC)