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Optional Courses

25 hours / 3 ECTS

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You can choose one or more optional teaching units (3 ECTS max.) Among the optional courses proposed below or a the teaching unit of your choice (Paris-Saclay or outside, in France or abroad) insofar as this one is in line with the GenE2 training or your professional orientation.

Choose an optional teaching unit from Paris-Saclay :

  • 'Datamining collaborative project in metagenomics' (Joint TU between GenE2 students and Master2 Bioinformatics / Analysis) - 25 hours / 3 ECTS - Description: - Link

  • 'Scientific project / Scientific project': 25 hours / 3 ECTS - Description: The Scientific Project is a preparation for the M2 internship which consists of a work of reflection, discussion and bibliography, supervised by the training supervisor, intended to specify the scientific context and the state of knowledge, the scientific issue that will be addressed, the experimental models chosen, the experiments that will be conducted to answer the questions asked. The whole is synthesized in a written report. 

International Pasteur Institut Courses (Registration of students in March-April before the start of the school year)

  • Cours 'Analyse des Génomes' in FRENCH (Réservé sur motivation aux étudiants souhaitants s'orienter vers des études de bio informatiques) - Lien

  • 'Mouse Genetics' course (Reserved for motivation to students whose M2 internship uses the mouse model) - Link

  • Other Pasteur course(s): contact us

International Curie Institut Courses (registration of students in September, in September)

Other courses in IdF, in France or abroad: (Consult us)

"A la carte" cursus: A specific GenE2 cursus adapted, on motivation, according to your professional orientation. A specific pedagogical contract is then defined between the managers of the Master GenE2 and the student (Consult us)

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